How to Do Gel nails at Home

Do You want salon quality nails, but would LOVE to save money and do them at home? Are you too afraid to do your own nails, in fear they will not turn out!?
So simple ANYONE can do their own gel nails at home!

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Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need

  • Lightning speed kit by Kiss!
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      How to do gel nails!!

      First Purchase Lightning speed Gel Kit By Kiss! You can find this at Walgreens or even online at Walgreens! It comes with absolutely everything you will need (even the files and glue, tips everything!!)

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      How to do gel nails by yourself!

      Read the directions that come with the kit, But I will explain how easy it is. Start by taking off any old polish and then file the top of your nails (so the tops are rough and the tips stay on better!)

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      How to do gel nails, that look amazing!

      Now you will apply the glue to the nail tips. You may choose french manicure or regular. They both come in the kit!!

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      How to do gel nails today!

      You will now apply the gel, just like nail polish to one nail, then dip that entire nail in the powder. Do this for each nail. Then wipe or shake any loose powder off of your nail.

      Repeat, by once again, apply the gel (like polish) and dip in the powder- Shake and wife off loose powder.

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      Spray each nail with the included setting spray. Let the nails set atleast 5 minutes. Now you will file the tops of each nail to a smooth finish, making sure to file by your cuticles. And lastly smooth nails with buffer. Finally add one coat of gel to each nail to finish.
      If you had chosen the french manicure tips- you know have PERFECTLY french manicured nails!!

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